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Webinars for Wise Nonprofits: Identifying Independent Contractors

Nonprofits that misclassify an employee as an independent contractor are at tremendous financial risk for back taxes, workers’ compensation penalties, and other financial burdens as a result of noncompliance with federal, state, and local employment law, even if the individual in question insisted on being classified as an independent contractor. This webinar will focus on recent federal regulations attempting to simplify the definition of "independent contractor," and will also help nonprofits understand whether their workers are employees, independent contractors, volunteers, or interns. A nonprofit’s obligations to each different type of worker, how to set up each type of relationship properly, and what to do if an individual has been misclassified will also be explained.

Learning Objectives: Participants will learn how to differentiate among the different types of workers, and how to create legally compliant relationships with each.

For senior management and human resources professionals.

Presenter: Judith Moldover, Senior Staff Attorney