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Recorded Webinars

Regularly throughout the year, Lawyers Alliance offers live webinars for nonprofit managers and Board members on a range of legal issues. A selection of these webinar recordings is available for purchase and viewing at your convenience.

Understanding Board Committee Governance

Committees often play a significant role in the governance of a nonprofit organization. But it is important for nonprofits to understand the requirements and limitations on committees set forth in the New York Not for Profit Corporation Law, in addition to best practices. Participants in this webinar will learn about the law behind forming and maintaining committees as well as strategies for effectively making use of committees and staying in compliance with good governance practices.

Learning Objectives: Participants will understand board committees, committees of the corporation, how to form a committee, and rules and best practices for committees.

For Board members, executive directors, and managers of nonprofit organizations.

Presenters: Hedwig O'Hara, Legal Director; Ciarra Chavarria, Staff Attorney; and Emily Arndt, Extern Staff Attorney

Recorded on: December 15, 2021