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Below is an alphabetical list of currently scheduled and frequently recurring workshops.

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Webinars for Wise Nonprofits: Hitting Your Goals and Limiting Your Risk: Special Events Fundraising
Not Currently Scheduled
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Gala dinners, service days, concerts, conferences, and other special events can raise funds and increase awareness and excitement for your organization's work. Hosting a successful special event - one that meets your participation and financial goals - requires significant time, energy and planning, as well as a careful consideration of relevant legal issues.

This webinar will cover New York State requirements for soliciting donations, gaming activities such as raffles and casino nights, and hiring professional fundraisers. The webinar will also review IRS rules for nonprofits receiving cash or in-kind gifts made in connection with a special event, and when and how to recognize event sponsors without running afoul of IRS rules. It will discuss compensation, contract considerations, and other legal questions when dealing with employees, contractors, or special event volunteers to ensure that your organization limits its liability in the planning and execution of a special event.

Learning Objective: Participants will be able to plan and execute a successful fundraising event based upon an understanding of state and federal fundraising rules for tax exempt organizations.

For nonprofit managers, development professionals, and others involved in nonprofit fundraising.

Webinars for Wise Nonprofits: Making the Most of Election Season: Civic Engagement and Nonpartisan Advocacy within the Rules
April 17, 2018 - 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
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With the 2018 election season quickly approaching, nonprofit organizations need to consider how they can help educate and mobilize their communities without jeopardizing their tax exempt status. While 501(c)(3) organizations cannot participate in election season in a partisan manner, they can run voter registration and get out the vote campaigns, hold candidate forums, and produce voter guides, so long as they do so in a nonpartisan manner. This webinar will explain how to do all of that and more. It will also provide advice on how to respond when a candidate asks to use an organization's space or mailing lists, or invites himself to appear at an organization's event.

Learning Objective: Participants will be able to identify activities that could be considered partisan within the meaning of state and federal law so as to develop effective advocacy programs that are legally compliant.

For nonprofit managers and advocates.

Presenter: Laura Abel, Senior Policy Counsel

Webinars for Wise Nonprofits: Maximizing Your Housing Project's Savings: 420-c Tax Exemption
April 24, 2018 - 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
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The rules and regulations for affordable housing projects that are eligible for real property tax exemption under Section 420-c are complex, particularly if the project contains ancillary or community space. Knowing whether your project will be eligible is a key part of the development planning process. This webinar will review the rules and regulations governing eligibility for the exemption, when to apply for exemption, and how to maintain the exemption.

Learning Objective: Participants will understand how Section 420-c works so that you can maximize real estate tax exemption benefits for your next affordable housing project.

For executive directors, housing directors, and project managers for developers of affordable housing.

Presenter: Hedwig O'Hara, Senior Staff Attorney

Webinars for Wise Nonprofits: Terminating Employees: It's an Art and a Science
Not Currently Scheduled
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Ending the employment relationship is almost as traumatic for management as it is for the employee who is being let go. The "art" is managing employee relations to reduce the risk of legal action, while the "science" is minimizing the risk of legal liability if legal action is taken.

Learning Objective: Participants will be able to strengthen procedures for addressing different types of terminations based on best practices so as to better manage these difficult situations.

For senior management, human resources professionals, and supervisory personnel.

Webinars for Wise Nonprofits: The Role of the Nonprofit Board of Directors: Legal Responsibilities and Best Practices
Not Currently Scheduled
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Directors agree to serve on nonprofit Boards because they support the mission and work of an organization. However, service on a nonprofit Board brings with it significant responsibilities. This webinar will address the role of nonprofit Board members and how they can provide proper oversight.

Learning Objective: Participants will be able to identify the responsibilities of Board members based upon the organization's governing documents and proactively support good corporate governance.

For newly elected members of nonprofit Boards.

Becoming a Nonprofit: Incorporation and Tax Exemption
June 6, 2018 - 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM
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Getting a new nonprofit organization off to the right start can mean the difference between success and failure. This workshop will go step-by-step through the process of incorporating in New York State and applying for federal tax-exempt status. Attention will be given to the benefits and obligations of incorporation and tax-exempt status including reporting requirements, the role of board members, and the limitations on lobbying and political activities.

Learning Objective: Participants will be able to evaluate the decision to form a nonprofit corporation and apply for federal tax exemption based upon an understanding of state and federal law.

For those interested in forming a nonprofit organization in New York.

Presenters: Bee-Seon Keum, Staff Attorney; and Ciarra Chavarria, Staff Attorney

Compensating Nonprofit Executives: State Law, IRS Rules, and Best Practices
May 23, 2018 - 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM
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Paying excessive management salaries or paying more than fair market value for goods or services provided by insiders is wasteful and can result in enforcement actions against the organization and the responsible individuals. This workshop will provide legal and practical information for nonprofit organizations that seek to set reasonable compensation for executive directors and other senior managers, enter into legitimate transactions with Board members and other insiders, and comply with the conflict of interest and related reporting requirements on federal Form 990.

Learning Objective: Participants will be able to establish procedures for setting reasonable compensation for executive staff and manage conflict of interest transactions consistent with state and federal law.

For senior managers, human resources professionals, and Board members.

Presenter: Sean Delany, Executive Director

Legal Essentials: A Crash Course for New Executive Directors
April 20, 2018 - 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM
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Whether you are stepping in to the role of executive director for the first time, or are an experienced executive getting to know a new organization, this workshop will guide you through the crucial framework for managing your organization's assets in a legally compliant manner. We will cover key points for the following legal compliance areas:

Interacting with your Board: Best practices and legally mandated structures for ensuring you can work with your Board to further your organization's mission.

Managing your employees: Highlights of the most common employment-related traps, including keeping up with NYC's ever evolving employment regulations and the proper (and improper use) of independent contractors.

Oversight of financial assets: Regulation of investment policies, the ins and outs of an endowment fund, the role of the audit committee, and policies that can prevent financial malfeasance.

Who Should Attend: This training is geared towards executive directors who have been in their role for two or less years, but will also be helpful for experienced leaders who are stepping in to a new organization.

Cost: $50 if registration is prior to April 17; $60 thereafter

Location: Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of New York
135 West 36th Street, New York, NY 10018

Instructors: Elizabeth Perez, Legal Director, Lawyers Alliance for New York, and Judith Moldover, Senior Staff Attorney, Lawyers Alliance for New York

Registration: Please send an email no later than noon on Thursday, April 19th to with your name, organization, and phone number and put "April 20: Legal Essentials: A Crash Course for New Executive Directors" in the subject line. We will contact you regarding payment.

Opening Up the Community: the Community Reinvestment Act
April 20, 2018 - 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM
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The workshop will provide an introduction to the Community Reinvestment Act ("CRA"), including an overview of how nonprofit organizations can use the CRA to access funding opportunities. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York will provide a basic introduction to the CRA and outline the role of community organizations and partnerships. In addition, Citigroup will provide a concrete description of its own CRA program, including its approach and processes when working with clients. The Business Center for New Americans, a client of Citigroup, will be on hand to describe how it has benefited from CRA's incentivized funding.

Learning Objective: Participants will become familiar with the Community Reinvestment Act and its opportunities.

For community organizations and nonprofits who could access CRA funding, but are not familiar with the available opportunities.

Presenters: Neil Stevenson, Senior Staff Attorney, Lawyers Alliance for New York; Lloyd Brown, Director of Community Reinvestment Act and Fair Lending, Citigroup, Inc.; Adrián Franco, Ph.D., Officer & Director of Community Development Finance, Federal Reserve Bank of New York; Chelsea Cruz, Senior Program Manager, Outreach & Education, Federal Reserve Bank of New York; and Yanki Tshering, Executive Director, Business Center for New Americans.

Operating an Afterschool Program: Liability and Regulatory Issues
May 15, 2018 - 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM
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There are a number of regulatory and liability issues that may arise in the operation of afterschool programs. This workshop will discuss liability for negligence, proper classification of employees, independent contractors, and volunteers, and regulatory requirements in the areas of facilities, staffing requirements, background screening, and child abuse reporting. In addition, this workshop will provide guidance for directors of afterschool programs to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations and decrease liability exposure.

Learning Objective: Participants will be able to identify and mitigate common legal risks associated with the operation of an afterschool program and understand New York State regulatory requirements for school age child care programs.

For Board members and senior managers.

Presenter: Ciarra Chavarria, Staff Attorney

Structuring Earned Revenue and Business Venture Opportunities for Nonprofits
Not Currently Scheduled
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Nonprofits are under pressure to develop diverse and sustainable funding streams. Increasingly, this means engaging in revenue-generating activities which range from charging for a nonprofit's current services (e.g., on a "sliding scale" to existing clients and/or offering such services at "market rates" to persons not eligible as clients) to "social enterprises" harnessing market forces in support of a charitable mission or other "public benefit".

This workshop will focus on the tax, structuring, compliance, and regulatory issues that arise when nonprofits undertake such "monetization" of current services (including creation of, and relationships with, for-profit subsidiaries/affiliates). It will consider the legal issues in undertaking such activities (including the problems posed by the "commerciality" doctrine) and examine different legal structures through which nonprofit organizations can participate in them.

Learning Objective: Participants will understand earned-revenue issues for 501(c)(3) public charities, and structuring options for earned-revenue activities.

For nonprofit managers, board members, and development professionals of organizations considering a business venture or currently engaged in a fee for service activity.

The Art of Affordable Office Space
Not Currently Scheduled
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After personnel costs, real estate costs are often a nonprofit's largest expense. Transwestern's nonprofit experts will present some effective strategies for nonprofits to keep their occupancy budgets in alignment with their mission including workplace strategy, nonprofit friendly buildings, and advanced deal structuring tactics. Hedy O'Hara will add insight on how to use these strategies when negotiating lease terms.

Learning Objective: Participants will learn techniques for negotiating for real estate in a fast-paced environment. Attendees will get tips on how to structure their leases, including advice on negotiating lease terms that will provide them with the ability to avoid hidden costs, and to monitor and audit cost increases.

For managers of nonprofits in the market for new space or in the process of reimagining, renovating, or restructuring space in their current location. Nonprofits interested in creative ways to think about workplace settings.