Disaster Relief

Lawyers Alliance provides legal assistance and information to strengthen nonprofits that are providing critical human and social services during health care emergencies, or helping people prepare for or respond to acts of terrorism, natural disasters, and other tragedies.

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Lawyers Alliance is experienced in helping nonprofits navigate unexpected disasters. Our Executive Director spearheaded our past disaster relief efforts, and our staff is eager to help with current and ongoing challenges. We launched our Disaster Relief Initiative in the aftermath of September 11, 2001, to assist nonprofits affected by the disaster and those that were responding to it. In 2012 in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Lawyers Alliance represented and provided legal information to New York nonprofits assisting disaster victims. We helped nonprofits with disaster relief legal matters related to fundraising and grant-making, expansion and downsizing, real estate contingencies, and compliance with tax-exempt organizations law. We continue to stand ready to assist nonprofits again as needs arise.

Click here for Internal Revenue Service information, as of December 2023, for charities and contributors concerned about disaster relief.

We offer free downloadable copies of our disaster relief publications and news alerts as guides:

When disaster or crises strike and New York nonprofits are victims or responders, Lawyers Alliance stands ready to provide immediate assistance through telephone consultations, emergency trainings, and outreach to help nonprofits keep pace with emerging
legal issues.

For more information:
Call (212) 219-1800 or contact [email protected].