Main Number: 212.219.1800

Laura Abel
Senior Policy Counsel/Interim Legal Director
ext. 283, [email protected]
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Wilma Alexander
Office Administrator
ext. 221, [email protected]
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Bev Bartow
Campaign Director/Interim Development Director
ext. 220, [email protected]
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Ciarra Chavarria
Staff Attorney
ext. 228, [email protected]
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Emily Crossan
Marketing and Communications Director
ext. 233, [email protected]
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Courtney Darts
Deputy Executive Director
ext. 236, [email protected]
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Michelle Deme
Development and Events Assistant
ext. 243, [email protected]
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Stacey O'Haire Fahey
Pro Bono Counsel
ext. 242, [email protected]
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Katie Ferrall
Program and Education Associate
ext. 223, [email protected]
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Stephanie Fontana
Cleary Extern, Staff Attorney
ext. 202, [email protected]
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Elizabeth M. Guggenheimer
Executive Director
ext. 231, [email protected]
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Douglas Kato
Director of Finance and Administration
ext. 237, [email protected]
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Bee-Seon Keum
Staff Attorney
ext. 240, [email protected]
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Judith Moldover
Senior Staff Attorney
ext. 250, [email protected]
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Hedwig O'Hara
Senior Staff Attorney
ext. 226, [email protected]
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Jessica Perelman
Program Associate for Client Relations
ext. 278, [email protected]
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Aaron Perlson
Information Systems Manager
ext. 205, [email protected]
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Angela S. Roh
Extern, Staff Attorney
ext. 212, [email protected]
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Laura Israel Sinrod
Corporate Engagement Counsel
ext. 214, [email protected]
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Rafi Stern
Staff Attorney/Fellow
ext. 251, [email protected]
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Neil Stevenson
Senior Staff Attorney
ext. 273, [email protected]
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James Valentin
Senior Development Coordinator
ext. 225, [email protected]
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Benita von Lilienfeld-Berry
Pro Bono Associate
ext. 203, [email protected]
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