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The support of individuals and nonprofit organizations is vital to our success. Your donations allow us to provide high-quality, affordable legal counsel to nonprofit clients and social enterprises improving the daily life of low-income families, children, and adults in neighborhoods in New York City and beyond.

The financial support of law firms is essential to Lawyers Alliance's success. At the same time, Lawyers Alliance helps law firms reach their pro bono goals, offering rewarding pro bono opportunities that assist firms in recruiting, retaining, and training associates. Each year more than 2,200 attorneys volunteer with us. Ninety-nine percent are satisfied with their pro bono experience, and one-half return for additional projects.

Foundations increase the impact of limited philanthropic dollars by supporting Lawyers Alliance. Together, we help nonprofits to expand their capacity and enhance their accountability. Thanks to the generous support of foundations, we can help more organizations carry out new and expanded programs, overcome operational challenges, improve and expand services, and address community needs.

Lawyers Alliance joins our bank and corporate partners in making New York City a better place to live and work. Our services improve public schools, create jobs, provide affordable housing, and stimulate commercial activity in low-income neighborhoods. These efforts attract housing and commercial investment closely aligned with the goals of the Community Reinvestment Act.

Each year, Lawyers Alliance hosts a Business Law & Leadership Gala to raise support for Lawyers Alliance programs and visibility for pro bono legal services for nonprofit organizations. This event brings together leaders from the corporate, banking, legal, and nonprofit sectors and celebrates lawyers, nonprofits, and communities. Lawyers Alliance's 2023 Gala was held on June 6, 2023 and the supporters are listed here.

During the past year, Lawyers Alliance substantially completed The 50th Anniversary Campaign in furtherance of its stability and momentum.

Thank you for your support!

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We greatly appreciate your gift to Lawyers Alliance! You may make a financial contribution by:

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