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*NEW* Webinars for Wise Nonprofits: Meeting Minutes 101: Best Practices and Legal Requirements for New York Nonprofits

Minute-taking at a board, member, or committee meeting is an art. You need to assess what should and should not be kept in the corporate records.  There can be important consequences for inadequate meeting minutes.  You also need to appreciate who your audience is. During this presentation you will learn how to take and keep proper records of board, member, and committee meetings. We will also cover circumstances that require special consideration when keeping minutes such as conflicts of interest and related party transactions.

Learning Objectives: Participants will learn what to focus on when taking minutes and the importance of accurate records.

For officers, directors, and senior management of nonprofit organizations.

Guest Presenters:

Michele M. Chebli, Esq., Senior Vice President, Co-Lead, Board Governance at  HSBC Bank USA

Vanessa A. Gardianos, Esq., Vice President, Assistant Corporate Secretary at HSBC Bank USA


Hedwig O’Hara, Legal Director