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Regularly throughout the year, Lawyers Alliance offers live webinars for nonprofit managers and Board members on a range of legal issues. A selection of these webinar recordings is available for purchase and viewing at your convenience.

Careful Lobbying Compliance

Does your organization weigh in on the state or city budget, immigration policy, criminal justice reform, rent regulation, or other pressing government issues? It may be lobbying. Public charities can lobby, so long as they stay within the IRS' limit on the amount of lobbying they can do, and they may need to comply with lobbyist registration and reporting requirements. 

Our pre-recorded webinar, "Careful Lobbying Compliance: Keeping Track of the Required Reports and Restrictions on Lobbyists' Activities," will explain how to calculate how much lobbying a public charity can do, and when lobbying triggers an obligation to register as a lobbyist.  It will also provide easy to follow tips to help registered lobbyists file accurate reports and meet their other regulatory obligations. 

Presenter:  Laura Abel, Senior Policy Counsel

Recorded on: May 7, 2019