Webinars and Workshops

Recorded Webinars

Regularly throughout the year, Lawyers Alliance offers live webinars for nonprofit managers and Board members on a range of legal issues. A selection of these webinar recordings is available for purchase and viewing at your convenience.

Intellectual Property Basics for Nonprofits

This webinar will review general concepts of intellectual property law, including copyrights and trademark law. The webinar will also explore questions about ownership of works created by those involved in or participating in programming, and provide tips for protecting the intellectual property of a nonprofit.

Learning Objectives: Participants will learn the basics of intellectual property law most relevant to nonprofits, and will gain an understanding of what steps they may need to take to protect the intellectual property of their organization.

For executive directors, managers, and staff.

PresentersMatthew Zisk, Volunteer Senior Counsel; Ciarra Chavarria, Staff Attorney; and Christine McLellan, Staff Attorney/Extern