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Regularly throughout the year, Lawyers Alliance offers live webinars for nonprofit managers and Board members on a range of legal issues. A selection of these webinar recordings is available for purchase and viewing at your convenience.

Leasing Space: Negotiating Lease Agreements and Lease Modifications

Securing office or program space can be a challenge! After you identify the space, the next hurdle is to negotiate the lease with the landlord. Negotiating terms that benefit your organization is critical. This webinar will address the important elements of a lease and tips for negotiating and understanding commercial leases and amendments. The presentation will include advice on special considerations for negotiating terms relating to signing a lease or amendment during uncertain times such as the pandemic.   

Learning Objective: Nonprofit professionals will learn which are the key lease provisions and how to approach negotiating those terms. 

For nonprofit executive directors, CFOs, and managers.

Presenters: Hedwig O'Hara, Legal Director and Lori Moses, Senior Staff Attorney

Recorded on: May 4, 2022