Employment and Volunteer Management

Employment and Volunteer Management

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Program Preservation, Evolution, and Financial Change: Employee Management: Rollback Employee Benefits

February 27, 2024

Program Preservation, Evolution, and Financial Change: Employee Management: Understanding Furloughs

February 8, 2024

Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

December 27, 2023

Organizational Horrors (and How to Avoid Them)

October 24, 2023

New York City Human Rights Law Update: Size Discrimination

August 15, 2023

COVID-19 FAQs for Nonprofits - updated

June 28, 2023

Compliance with New York COVID-19 Leave Laws - updated

June 13, 2023

End to Form I-9 COVID Flexibility - updated

June 12, 2023

New Electronic Posting Requirements for Employers in New York State

February 13, 2023

What Employers Need to Know About New York's Unemployment Insurance Law - updated

December 28, 2022

Are You Ready to Hire Your First Employees? - updated

December 21, 2022

Amendments to Wage Theft Prevention Act, including Repeal of Annual Wage Notices - updated

September 28, 2022

Authorized Deductions from Employee Wages - updated

August 25, 2022

How to Use New York State Shared Work Programs - updated

August 19, 2022

New York City's Expanded Reasonable Accommodation Requirements - updated

August 11, 2022

Monkeypox - What New York Nonprofits Need to Know

August 8, 2022

Complying with New York's Paid Family Leave Law - updated

August 7, 2022

New York City and State Employers Must Disclose Salary Information in Job Postings - updated

July 7, 2022

Employment and Tax Law Considerations Related to Compensating Summer Youth Workers - updated

July 7, 2022

Considerations in Designing a Masking Policy

April 4, 2022

Considerations in Designing a Remote Work/Work-from-Home Policy

April 4, 2022

New York State HERO Act and Workplace Safety Plans - What Now?

March 31, 2022

Criminal Background Checks: Complying with New York City's Fair Chance Act - updated

March 15, 2022

Effective May 7, 2022, New York State Law will Require Employers to Notify Employees of Monitoring

March 15, 2022

New York City to Require Bias Audit, Applicant Notification of Artificial Intelligence Hiring Tools Starting 2023

March 15, 2022

Labor Peace Agreement Requirements for Human Services Contracts FAQs

December 7, 2021

Recent New York City and New York State Retirement Program Legislation

November 17, 2021

New York City's Earned Safe and Sick Time Act Updated to Comply with State Requirements

January 12, 2021

Employers Must Grant Schedule Changes Under NYC's Fair Work Leave Law - updated

November 24, 2020

Running an Internship Program During the COVID-19 Crisis

June 2, 2020

Reverted New York State Election Law Allows Employees Up to Two Hours of Paid Time Off to Vote

April 29, 2020

Making Staff Changes in Response to COVID-19

April 1, 2020

Keep Up with Changes to New York State and New York City Anti-Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Law - updated

February 28, 2020

Is Your Grooming Policy Discriminatory?

June 21, 2019

EEOC Reporting Requirements on Pay Data Reinstated

June 21, 2019

Amended New York City Lactation Laws Expand Employers' Obligations

March 25, 2019

What to Expect When Your Employee is Expecting

June 22, 2018

What to Expect When Your Employee is Expecting - Quick Reference Guide

June 22, 2018

Update to New York City's Human Rights Law: "Sexual Orientation" and "Gender Identity"

May 21, 2018

"Safe Time" Added to New York City's Earned Sick Time Act

May 10, 2018

Reminder: Freelance Isn't Free - updated

August 2, 2017

Reimbursement of Employee-Purchased Health Insurance is Permitted Again

January 10, 2017

The New Overtime Rules: A Practical Guide for Nonprofits

September 12, 2016

Stop Credit Discrimination in Employment Act Limits the Use of Credit Checks in Employment

October 19, 2015

Nonprofits are Affected by OSHA's Updated Recordkeeping Rule; plus Guidelines for Protecting Workers from Workplace Violence

October 19, 2015

New York City Bans Employers from Discriminating Against the Unemployed

April 11, 2013

Liability of General Contractors and Subcontractors Under NY State Workers' Compensation Law

October 22, 2008

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