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Webinars for Wise Nonprofits: Negotiating and Understanding Fiscal Sponsorship Agreements

This webinar provides an overview of fiscal sponsorship, which allows a non-tax-exempt organization to fundraise and operate under the umbrella of a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization which acts as the fiscal sponsor. Topics covered include fiscal sponsorship structuring options, the advantages and disadvantages of fiscal sponsorships (especially for small organizations), and common legal issues in such arrangements. New organizations and charitable projects can benefit from fiscal sponsorship, but so can organizations trying to preserve their programs by increasing fundraising partnerships, cutting back office service expenses, or collaborating with a new fiscal sponsor.

Learning Objectives: Participants will be able to understand the purpose of and possible structures for fiscal sponsorship arrangements. With this understanding, participants will be able to assess whether entering into a fiscal sponsorship - either as the fiscal sponsor or as the sponsored organization - is right for the organization at a given point in its lifecycle.

For those interested in structuring a fiscal sponsorship, whether as the sponsor or sponsored organization.

Presenters: Rafi Stern, Staff Attorney and Elizabeth Wytock, Staff Attorney